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Your Service Unit Cookie Managers are Bethany Bertsch & Jill Lamothe. Contact them with any questions or concerns about cookies or the Service Unit cookie cupboard


Welcome to the Valley Lake Cookie Jar!

11/27/2018:​Welcome to Cookies 2019!!! We are excited to get this process started!  Here is all the starting information you need to know!  

First off, in person training will be on 12/6/2018 at 7pm, at Valley Middle School.  This will be immediately following the leader meeting (which is also at Valley Middle).  We will begin by going over the big changes for this year, and then go over everything.  IF YOU ARE A RETURNING COOKIE MANAGER, you are not required to attend training this training, however you are encouraged to do so.  You will need to pick up your troops packet, and sign a cookie manager agreement form.  If you are a returning cookie manager, and absolutely unable to attend this training, let me know, and we will set up a time for you to get your stuff and to sign your agreement. 

If you are a new cookie manager - you are required to attend in person training on 12/6.  If you absolutely can't make it, please let me know, and we will work something out.  But please PLEASE try to attend this training.  

ONLINE training is required for everyone!  Online Training is located: .  I just checked, and they are supposed to be loaded any day... so please keep watching.  You will need to send me confirmation of completed training, once they are available.  

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED with GSRV in order to be a cookie manager.  If you have not yet registered, please do so NOW!! it takes a week or so for your background check to go through.  I will not be able to enter anyone into, without them being registered with council.  
More info to come, once training's are complete!  Please be on the look out!
Happy Holidays!
Bethany and Jill