The Valley Lake Family Fun Run was started in 2014 by Troop 55092 & 54804 as their Bronze award project. The 2014 Mud Run brought in well over 150 pairs of shoes to be made into playground equipment. Thanks to the Valley Lake Service Unit team, it's primary mission, to get girls active, has continued! 

In 2015 The Service Unit Covered us all in Color during our 2nd annual Family Fun Color Run!! It was AWESOME! And we had an amazing turn out. We had music, and snacks and a great time colored in fun!

In 2016 The Service Unit came together and blew up the 3rd annual Family Fun Run - The Inflatable Run! There were over 150 inflatables used at our event along with music and GIANT inflatables. 

In 2017 Troop 54804 & 55092 came back to host the 4th annual Family Fun Run - The Cocoa run!! They had 10 Gallons of Cocoa, 6 bags of marshmallows to roast, and 8 obstacles they built themselves for this Fun Run! The girls were excited to return to running an event they cared so much about.

2018 - The Barnyard Run 

Girl Scout Barnyard Fun Run 2018

The work is now complete! All of our barnyard friends have been cared for and the party was mooooving! 

Valley Lake Girl Scouts

​Valley Lake Annual Family Fun Run