Service Unit Manager - Liz Rein
Treasurer - 
**Volunteer Needed**
Registrar - Jen Kane
Programming Director - Kristin Werdick 
​​Day Camp Directors - Laura Menk & Liz Rein
Family Partnership Coordinator - Sara Garoutte
Fall Product Manager - Bethany Bertsch
Cookie Managers - Bethany Bertsch & 
**Volunteer Needed**
Troop Leader Mentor -
**Volunteer Needed**
Communications/Webmaster - Sara Garoutte
Social Media - Michelle Phan

School Coordinators

​Your Service Unit Team

If you've any questions or concerns and cannot reach any of the above. Please E-Mail Valley Lake

Cedar Park Coordinator - Kristin Werdick & Jaquelyn Lutz
Echo Park Coordinator - Michele Graves
Greenleaf Coordinator - Jenny Dahl
Southview Coordinator- Jennifer Kane
Westview Coordinator - Vanessa Utell
Middle School/HS Coordinator - Lori Clark

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